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Lost in reams of text-heavy paperwork? Tired of rewriting the same information? Feel like you’re never going to remember everything? These are just some of the common complaints when revising for upcoming exams.

There are many tried and tested methods for revision and what works for one person, may not work for another. But there is one method that may be worth trying; using visuals. Whether it’s diagrams, graphs, images, colours and the like, the use of visuals in your work has many benefits. Check out some of them below…

1. Visuals are easy to process

Your brain finds it much easier to process visuals than it does large amounts of text-based information. Words are based on a symbol system which must be decoded before they can be interpreted. Visuals on the other hand, require virtually no effort to process, meaning with just a glance you can quickly establish key information.

2. Images attract and engage

Too much text can very quickly overload your cognitive capacity, and when this happens information is likely to be lost and your revision productivity is likely to go down. Visual displays however, lessen the load. They are more concise, clear and interesting – which is just what you need when you’ve got lots of exams to revise for.

3. You remember what you see

Your ability to remember images is far better than your memory for words. Unlike words, which are processed by your short-term memory, images are directed through your long-term memory and so become deeply etched – making all your revision and exam prep unforgettable!

4. Colour keeps you alert

Colour is exciting and stirs up a response in us. It alters the level of alpha brain wave activity, which triggers human alertness – just the trick for getting you fired up to tackle your revision!

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