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You might have only left home 3 months ago but a LOT has happened. New friends, new experiences and new responsibilities. In fact, University ‘you’ is probably quite different to the home ‘you’ your Parents dropped off just a few short months ago. University ‘you’ looks after themselves. University you studies hard, stays up late, goes to foam parties on Monday nights (maybe!) and stays in bed until the afternoon. Your Parents don’t know University ‘you’ (and probably never will!).

So, if the thought of packing up the University version of yourself and returning home is filling you with dread you are not alone. But, wait… I PROMISE you it’s not going to be as bad you think it is. Here are five reasons why going home for Christmas will be brilliant…

Your Parents have missed you and, your Mum has three months of looking after you to catch up on.  So instead of thinking that your Mum’s fussing is suffocating you – you’ve had 3 months freedom after all – embrace it, put your feet up, be a tiny bit more lazy than usual and let her fuss. You’re doing her a favour really.

Over the last few months you will have discovered that some chores are worse than others and doing laundry often tops the most-hated list (is there such a list, who knows). Make sure you take as MUCH washing home with you as you can. At the end of each term you’ll join hundreds of other students on their homebound journeys buckling under the weight of unwashed jeans, it’s quite the sight to behold! Oh and don’t forget your bedding and towels too. Honestly your Mum will thank you for it.

Sure you’ve made a load of new friends at Uni but they don’t know you like your home friends do. Not yet anyway. Round up your oldest mates, get down the local, share your University adventures and demonstrate your all new disappearing jagerbomb trick. Who wouldn’t be impressed… #skills. Don’t forget though your home friends don’t know your Uni mates so try not to bore them with too many hilarious stories of Dave in the union they have NO idea who he is…!

Lovely, delicious, comforting, FREE home cooked food. University is great and all that but nothing beats your Mums home cooking. So play the starving student card and take full advantage of the stocked cupboards, full fridge and willing chef. It’d be rude not to. And, hopefully you’ll get a food parcel to take back too.

Its Christmas there will be presents. In fact you might get some useful stuff for once. Notepads, stationery, books – maybe even some booze AND if you’re really lucky that new laptop that you really REALLY need.

I know… but you will have some assignments to do over the Christmas break. And, I know that at home you don’t have access to the University library you do have an opportunity to get some work done with no distractions. Plus it’s a great excuse not to have plan an excruciatingly dull game of Monopoly that you know is only going to end in tears.

And, remember in a few short weeks you’ll be back at University.

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