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Now you’re a student it doesn’t mean you have to survive on a diet of chips from the canteen at lunch and beans straight from the tin for your dinner (although chips and beans are good). While you’re studying it’s important that you eat well, feed your brain… healthy body, healthy mind and all that. Now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy a late night kebab on the way home from the Student Union but with these simple tips you can strike a ‘healthy’ balance between the good and the bad AND stop your Parents from worrying about you… well, worrying a little less. Maybe.

COOKING isn’t hard
You may think it is but it’s not. Find a recipe and follow it. Don’t deviate, until you’re more confident, just do what it says and you’ll be eating something delicious before you know it!

Tastes of HOME
Food is comforting and some dishes more so than others. So, if you’re feeling homesick whipping up your Mums spaghetti is like putting a little bit of home on the table. So, before you leave for University ask your Mum, Dad, Nan, chef in the local takeaway, to write down a couple of your favourite recipes. Make sure they keep it nice and simple, don’t miss out any of the steps AND use ingredients you have a chance of finding in the supermarket!

You’ll meet a LOT of people in your first weeks and what better way to cement new friendships than by getting together to eat and drink? Take it in turns to make one-pot-crowd-pleasers. Simple, tasty and shareable, a chilli or a stew is dead easy – pop it all a pot together and cook it long and slow. Get 3 or 4 friends together and. if you all do once a week you share the cost and the work! Also, this is an opportunity to share with your new friends the food that you enjoy eating at home.

Quick, not too difficult to cook AND with a protein punch to that’ll keep you going for hours. Whether you have a morning full of lectures or a hefty revision schedule you don’t want to be distracted by a rumbling tummy. Why not whip up a filling tortilla or frittata, chuck in those vegetables that are wilting in the bottom of the fridge, some bacon and cheese and it’ll last you a few days.

Invest in a WOK!
The ultimate in fresh fast food. Throw in some veggies, meat if you wish, noodles, a splash of soy sauce some a dollop of sweet chilli and you have a delicious, SIMPLE, vitamin packed meal in minutes.

This may be the first time that you have had to manage a budget and food is surprisingly expensive. But, with some simple idea’s you’ll make your money go further than you ever thought it could do. Hit up the supermarket around 5pm… this is when the reduced items go out. Buy in bulk and look for offers 2-4-1’s or multi buys, although do the maths as those supermarkets are tricky so, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is. And, I know it’s tempting but don’t always opt for the convenient option. Ready made dishes are not only more expensive but packed full of salt, additives, preservatives and other nasties. You can find some excellent student friendly recipes here

All the apartments at the HIVE have a fridge freezer and are fitted with a top of the range hob, oven, microwave and EVEN a dishwasher, so our residents have no excuse.  And, our reception staff are always on hand to answer any culinary questions or, stop the smoke alarm going off at least…!

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