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5 small changes for a healthier day

5 small changes for a healthier day

Contrary to popular belief, student life isn’t just fuelled by Pot Noodles and alcohol. Nowadays, students are turning to healthier options, and with a rise in social media apps such as Instagram, snapping shots of healthy, colourful meals and making your dinner time...

How to be more productive in 2018

How to be more productive in 2018

With a New Year here, it’s the perfect time to ditch any bad habits and make 2018 an even more productive year. So, whilst attending all of your lectures is great, how productive is it if you sit through them without taking any notes and leave the lecture empty...

What students are saying

have been staying in The Hive for about a year and my experience has been nothing less than exceptional..

Max Tay

Lived there for 7 months, really good experience. The studios are very nice, the building well located and the staff is lovely…

Ismail Omari

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Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day

One day can change your life. Well that’s the aim of 2020’s Global wellness day. Ask yourself “How can I live a healthier and better life?” To help you make the most of Global Wellness Day, here are 5 ways to achieve better wellness in your life. Spend one entire day...

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